Conjuring Kesha To air on Foxtel next month

Conjuring Kesha To air on Foxtel next month

Grammy® nominated singer songwriter and global pop superstar  Kesha shares her deep passion for all things supernatural by checking off her paranormal bucket list in the six-part series  Conjuring Kesha next month

Kesha explores some of the biggest mysteries, haunted locations and supernatural phenomena with exciting celebrity guests and experts in the unexplained. At every stop Kesha and her celebrity friends are joined by top paranormal experts, psychics Cindy Kaza and Chip Coffey or Bigfoot researcher Ronny LeBlanc, who help guide them through the incredible paranormal activity they experience.

Throughout the season Kesha dives headfirst into mysteries ranging from demonic activity at Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary with comedian Whitney Cummings to hiking deep into the forests of California’s Mount Shasta in search of Bigfoot with “The US Bachelorette” star Jojo Fletcher. Kesha and former tourmate Betty Who face their fears at a haunted opera hall in Kesha’s home state of Tennessee, and she converts actor and rapper GaTa into a full blown believer at one of the most haunted mansions on the West Coast.

Kesha and legendary supermodel Karen Elson become the first to film inside the active and haunted lodge affiliated with the notorious secret society, the Odd Fellows. Kesha also takes the queen of bounce rap Big Freedia on the ultimate ghost hunt at the infamously haunted Trans- Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Tennessee.

“To me the supernatural comes naturally and it started with my insatiable curiosity, my eternal searching for something bigger than myself. This motivated my art, informed my music and has given a purpose to my entire life. It is an internal search for proof of God. But it is the adventures that I have with my friends that take these pilgrimages to the next level and make them a reality. I wanted to catch actual proof of the unexplainable. If we could catch these things on camera, then what else could be true?” Kesha said.

CONJURING KESHA premieres Friday April 28 at 9.30pm AEST on FOX ARENA and available On Demand on FOXTEL.


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