Confessions Week kicks off on MAFS

Confessions Week kicks off on MAFS

To mark the next stage in the experiment, our newlyweds are taking a big step in their relationship – moving in together. This year the experiment has moved into a brand new Skye Suites, the most luxurious love nest the experiment has ever seen; allowing our couples to relax and bond like never before.

Whilst our couples unpack in their new digs, they debrief about the Dinner Party last night. Lauren and Jonathan discuss the revealing article that has surfaced about Jack’s previous relationship. Lauren doesn’t believe a word Jack has said and smells a rat. Meanwhile, down the hall, Jack tells his wife Tori, that he did not appreciate Lauren “quacking on the other side of the table” while he was speaking to the group.

The Experts waste no time announcing that it’s Confessions Week, and first up, it’s the Letter Writing task, where our couples are asked to open up to their partner and reveal something personal.

Lovebirds Eden and Jayden are first to take on the task. Jayden is concerned that revealing a dark secret from his past may ruin what has so far been a perfect marriage. Despite this, Jayden decides to tell Eden leaving Eden shocked and concerned about the future of their relationship. 

Unable to come to terms with Jayden’s shocking confession, Eden turns to fellow bride Sara for her perspective on the revelation. Sara is equally shocked and if Tim revealed such a thing, she would be out the door. Comforted by Sara’s reaction – Eden needs time to think about her future with Jayden.

The surprises keep coming, with a late check in on move in day. After announcing to everyone at last night’s Dinner Party that she was leaving the experiment – Natalie has returned much to her husband Collins’ surprise. She is ready to give their relationship another shot. However, when Natalie asks Collins if he is ready to try again – Collins is unsure.   

Next up – The Phone Swap Task. Lauren and Jonathan are the first to do the task and hilariously Lauren scrolls through her husband’s phone demanding to know “who the hell is cab charge!?’. The couple realise they trust one another and fly through the task unscathed.  

Then it’s Tori and Jack’s turn to hand over their phones, and after the article controversy at last night’s Dinner Party, this task gives Tori the perfect opportunity to do some investigating. Much to Tori’s surprise, she discovers images of Jack proposing to his ex-fiancé. Jack wishes he vetted his phone more thoroughly before coming into the experiment and a disappointed Tori requests that he goes through his phone and delete the images in question.

Across the hall, the Phone Swap Task gives Andrea more reassurance when Richard shows her a text from his ex-girlfriend who tells Richard that he can no longer call her “sweetie” as it is disrespectful to his new wife. Andrea is excited that his ex has her back and that he still has a good relationship with her, which says a lot about his character.

Next, we drop into Lucinda and Timothy’s apartment. Although there is clear chemistry between the two, Timothy’s slow burn approach to relationships is no match for the speed of the experiment, nor Lucinda’s constant line of questioning to get to know her husband better. Lucinda’s inquisitive nature continues well into the evening and the subject of likes and dislikes in the bedroom come up. For Lucinda she’s keen to get to know Timothy’s wants and needs, but for Timothy he’d prefer to go to bed and finish the conversation quickly.

The daunting Photo Ranking Task is back and while some couples throw themselves into the task, Timothy has his reservations and refuses to do it. He places Lucinda’s photo alone on the table and tells her she is his wife and that he is only interested in her. Lucinda looks relieved and thanks him.

Next, it’s Richard’s turn to do the photo ranking task. Richard excitedly starts placing the other wives in order of attractiveness – all while his wife Andrea watches on. Wanting to do the task as openly and honestly as possible, Richard places Andrea equal third in the line-up. Andrea’s heartbreak is palpable, “everyone hopes that their partner only has eyes for them.” She no longer feels secure and her love bubble in this experiment with Richard has burst.


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