Confessions Week Concludes

The couples are halfway through Confessions Week and the tasks keep on coming from the Experts. 

For Andrea, the marital bliss she has been experiencing has hit a rough patch after her husband Richard placed her equal third in attractiveness during the Photo Ranking Task. Sensing her disappointment, Richard vows to make things right with her.

Eden and Jayden have also been on shaky ground, having not spoken to one another since Jayden’s shocking confession which left Eden feeling worried about Jayden’s reactionary decision making in their relationship.

Working through their relationship, Natalie and husband Collins come together to take on the Photo Ranking Task, where Collins places his wife at the top of the list above all the other brides. Natalie is confused, sensing Collins isn’t being entirely honest with her and is disappointed when she questions his intentions. 

Ellie and Ben have gone from strength to strength throughout the experiment, but things take a turn for the couple with the introduction of the Values Task. Ellie, who has always wanted to be a Mum places family orientated values at the top of her list, while husband Ben places family much lower worrying Ellie that they could be on completely different pages.

Lucinda and Timothy are also given the Values Task, and although a majority of their values align, ‘good in bed’ is the one that stands out for Lucinda, while it’s low on Timothy’s list.

The subject of intimacy comes up again for Timothy when Lucinda questions him as to why he doesn’t show her any affection. Timothy tells his wife that she reminds him of his dog Matilda, who is very needy, leaving Lucinda hurt and wanting to take a step back in their relationship.

Across the hall, Cassandra and Tristan take on the Confessions Letter Task. Tristan reveals to his wife how he has struggled with weight issues in the past, which gives Cassandra a better insight into her husband and explains his insecurities within their relationship. 

Cassandra and Tristan decide to get some fresh air and touch base on the subject of intimacy. Tristan agrees he needs to put more effort in and they share their first kiss.

Lauren and Jonathan receive the Photo Ranking Task and her savage comments about some of the grooms make Jonathan laugh. When it’s Jonathan’s turn to rank the brides, Lauren becomes frustrated with his overuse of the word “lovely”. In the end they both place each other at the top of their lists, with Lauren saying it’s not because of his personality.

After agreeing to back off a bit, Lucinda is frustrated that Timothy would rather spend time in front of the television than with her. Sensing the tension in the air, Timothy confronts Lucinda who tells him that she’s not seeing any effort from him at all. The conversation makes Timothy uncomfortable and he asks to leave the room.

The final Confessions Letter Task is given to Sara and Tim. Tim recounts to Sara how he had been cheated on by his ex-girlfriend which has resulted in him developing trust issues. Sara, who had also been cheated on in the pact can sympathise. Tim is glad his wife understands the significance of his trust issues, however when the Phone Swap Task arrives and Sara refuses to do it, Tim suspects that Sara is hiding something.

Tori and Jack are given the Photo Ranking Task. Jack, who on the honeymoon admitted he wasn’t sexually attracted to Tori, places his wife first after asking her to convince him she’s the hottest. Tori is confident in their relationship, admitting she has no insecurities within their relationship, and that it would take a real asshole to convince her otherwise.


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