Colin the next to go on Masterchef

Colin the next to go on Masterchef

Well that was unexpected as 10  became 9 in the MasterChef Kitchen.

Five contestants faced last night’s elimination challenge. All were real MasterChef Australia title contenders, so standards were bound to be very high, with the smallest mistake likely to send someone home.

Laura, Colin, Brent, Amy and Renae each prepared for the challenge, but with Laura saved by Tracy’s final power apron decision, five became four.

Competing in pairs for round one – Brent and Amy versus Colin and Renae – the contestants had to prepare a savoury Mexican dish in 45 minutes. Brent and Amy modernised their dish – making Mexican spiced snapper with adobo sauce, guacamole and tostadas – while Colin and Renae presented prawn and bean tostadas, a fresh salad and lime and chipotle mayonnaise.

With just 15 minutes cooking time left, Colin and Renae tried to demonstrate extra skill by making their own tostadas. Their efforts failed and they turned to a store-bought back-up. It was a bad decision, as Gary instantly disliked the taste of the packet tostadas.

Brent and Amy’s dish triumphed, leaving Colin and Renae to battle it out over a Mexican dessert in round two.

With mixed dessert success so far in the MasterChef Australia kitchen, Colin set out to make a chocolate chilli ganache with lime granita, lime tuile and coriander syrup. Renae decided on a chocolate chilli fondant with salt and chilli praline, crème fraiche parfait, candied chilli and coriander.

Colin’s dish demonstrated good pastry technique but a lack of cohesion. The balance of flavours in his granita was fantastic, his ganache glossy and intense – but too heavy – and his tuile was paper-thin. Renae’s fondant was perfectly oozy, with a kick of chilli, and there was praise for her parfait and the fresh extra chilli garnishes.

But the floury texture of her fondant meant the dish didn’t quite hit the mark. While Colin’s classic pastry techniques were well executed, the judges decided the dish just didn’t work. In a close call, Colin was eliminated

Colin has been busy since leaving the MasterChef Australia kitchen and is close to realising his long-held dream of opening a restaurant at his South Australian winery, Flaxman Wines. He is also busy catering small private events and planning pop-up dining experiences.

Masterchef Australia airs 7:30 PM Sunday – Thursday on Ten.


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