Colin From Accounts Season 2 Review

Colin From Accounts Season 2 Review

Today Binge unveils the second season of its breakout original comedy Colin From Accounts.

For those who haven’t seen series one (where have you even been?), Colin From Accounts follows Ash (Harriet Dyer) and Gordon (Patrick Brammall) who meet when she flashes him while crossing the road in front of his car. Distracted by the view, he hits a dog and the two become tethered by the dog’s care. Naming the dog Colin From Accounts, their story becomes a delightful romcom. And when we last saw the duo, they had just given up custody of Colin to another family.

In season two, weeks have passed and Ash and Gordon are seriously regretting their decision as they start to wonder if Colin was the thing that held them together.

The show tackles their 12-year age gap, along with other issues that are best kept under wraps, as we start to expand beyond the central couple, like with Gordon’s boss Chiara (Genevieve Hegney) starting a relationship with Megan (Emma Harvie), and Ash’s friend Brett (Michael Logo) finally being kicked out of home by his parents. Throw in Ash’s mother Lyn (Helen Thomson) and her creepy stepfather Lee (Darren Gilshenan), and the show goes from strength-to-strength with each instalment.

Adding to the already phenomenal cast are guest appearances from John Howard and Virginia Gay, as well as Justin Rosniak as Gordon’s brother Heavy.

With all episodes written by Brammall and Dyer, season two is just as delightful as season one and is not to be missed.

4 Stars

Colin From Accounts premieres Thursday, 30 May on Binge with a new episode every week.


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