Class Of ’07 Review

Class Of ’07 Review

Today, Prime Video unleashes its next highly-anticipated Australian original in the form of Class Of ’07.

It’s the 10 year reunion for Ridge Height Catholic Ladies College’s class of 2007 and the night just isn’t going to plan.

Our first classmate Zoe (Emily Browning), who has been recovering from a very public breakdown, arrives at the reunion late. The weird weather has made her even more determined to reconnect with her former best friend Amelia (Megan Smart). Amelia however, is still harbouring the secret that caused her to leave halfway through their final year.

Also in attendance is high school Queen Bee and reformed mean-girl Saskia (Caitlin Stasey), who is now a thoughtful and formidable CEO. Meanwhile American exchange student Sandy (Sarah Krndija), who was a brat during her year at the school, is still just as insufferable ten years later. Then there’s nail technician Renee (Emma Horn) who is trying to impress her former classmates by pretending to be a doctor.

Only attending the reunion because of ‘work-life-balance’ orders from her boss is workaholic Phoebe (Steph Tisdell), who is now killing it in the male-dominated world of finance. And rounding out the cohort is the incredibly positive Teresa (Sana’a Shaik), Sydney Symphony Orchestra violinist Megan (Chi Nguyen), and inner-city beer brewer Tegan (Bernie Van Tiel), the latter two being the stoner duo of the group.

When the weird weather turns into an apocalyptic tidal wave, the group are stranded on the island peak of their high school campus and must find a way to survive while navigating old teenage grudges. Has anyone actually grown during their 10 years apart?

Writer and director Kacie Anning has achieved a series that is part survivalist drama and part dark comedy that will appeal to viewers of both genres. Key cast members Browning, Smart and Stasey are cast to perfection and have a really great dynamic, and I for one an intrigued to see how this story plays out.

This all-female cast are delightful in their roles, so it’s time to head back to high school this weekend with Class Of ’07.

4.5  Stars.

Class Of ’07 premieres today on Prime Video.


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