Clarissa Feildel joins Better Homes and Gardens 

Clarissa Feildel joins Better Homes and Gardens 

Chef Clarissa Feildel is the latest addition to the vibrant cast of Better Homes and Gardens, preparing to pull from her Malaysian heritage for an exciting twist on fried rice in her debut episode 

Embarking on a flavourful journey, Clarissa invites viewers into the heart of her kitchen to share the quick and delicious recipes she serves to her family, including her MKR judge husband Manu Feildel.

Clarissa is just the first in a series of food presenters who will join the show this year to share a range of cuisines, cultures and styles of cooking every Friday night.

Must-see segments in this week’s episode include:

Johanna teaming up with Clarissa to create a delicious Malaysian fried rice
Adam creating a modular, comfy lounge setting that is built to last
Colin dishing up delectable BBQ pork belly strips with charred broccolini and a macadamia buttermilk dressing
Graham visiting a communal garden in Sydney’s western suburbs to meet the members behind the productive plots
Charlie revisiting a small backyard he made over three years ago to give the homeowner some pruning tips
Juliet visiting 3D artist Misha Harrison’s workshop to get inspired by her intricate and unique style of sculpture and painting
Charlie demonstrating how to prune and propagate basil
Dr Harry meeting a couple with a border collie who tries to herd cars

7.00pm Friday, April 5 on Channel 7


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