Claire and Adam face the Dinner Party

It’s the morning of the third Dinner Party, and following the revelations surrounding Adam and Claire’s infidelity which came to light at newcomers Tayla and Hugo’s wedding, all the apartments are buzzing with the drama.

Up and down couple Melinda and Layton are in high spirits, but their focus quickly shifts to Adam and Claire’s betrayal of their respective partners; while Alyssa and Duncan have found themselves caught up in the crosshairs of Adam’s betrayal of Janelle. Duncan’s friendship with Adam is a cause for concern for Alyssa, but Duncan doesn’t feel he should cut ties with Adam because of his infidelity. Alyssa is adamant that at tonight’s dinner party she will not be holding back, and is ready to hold Claire and Adam to account for their actions.

However, our two new couples, Tayla and Hugo, and Evelyn and Rupert, are still learning what makes each other tick, and remain blissfully unaware of the drama that is raging in the experiment.

The four people at the centre of tonight’s drama, Claire, Janelle, Jesse and Adam, who are all heading to the Dinner Party alone.

Claire is full of remorse, and heads to the Dinner Party with the single goal of trying to make things right with Jesse, armed with a letter of her deepest thoughts. Meanwhile, Jesse is feeling dejected.

Adam, unlike Claire, is heading to the Dinner Party in a combative mood. As for Janelle, she has one thing on her mind…holding Adam to account for his infidelity. She is dressed for battle and is not prepared to take any prisoners.

At the cocktail party, the focus of discussion remains on the cheating scandal.

When Janelle arrives she is quickly greeted with overwhelming support from the other couples, with Alyssa vocally supporting her and again reiterating her hard stance against Adam and Claire. On the other hand, newlywed Tayla ruffles feathers with the girls when she says they should go easy on Claire.

Claire arrives alone, and the reception she receives from the group is best described as “icy” as she heads to the bar in tears, finally comforted by Sandy and Tayla. Janelle and Alyssa hold firm in their refusal to greet her.

Jesse arrives at the Cocktail Party alone, and is given a warm reception by the group as Claire awkwardly watches on. She approaches Jesse, and while he’s polite, he isn’t quite ready to have a conversation with her.

That leaves just Adam to arrive, and when he does, he is met with silence from the group.

As the Dinner Party begins Janelle wastes no time in making a toast, she welcomes the new couples and then quickly pivots to the cheating drama that has come to light, and gives the floor to Adam and Claire to make their apologies.

Adam takes the lead, but instead of offering an apology to Janelle he makes a rambling excuse, focused mainly on making amends with Jesse and shifting the blame of his infidelity on a flimsy excuse that he and Janelle were in a bad place when the kiss happened. This goes down like a lead balloon with the group, and Alyssa and Melinda hold him to account as he squirms.

Finally, Janelle demands to speak…when she does she delivers the biggest bombshell of all…even though Adam claims they were in a bad place when he kissed Claire, Janelle reveals to the group that on that very same night, Adam came home and had sex with her. The group is rocked and Adam sits back in his chair, defeated, and forced to ultimately admit that Janelle’s version of events is true.

When it’s Claire’s turn to speak to the group, she takes an entirely different tact. She owns up to her mistake and unreservedly apologies to Jesse, and to the group. Jesse is clearly moved by her unequivocal apology…but he’s still hurt.

Harrison has a quiet chat with Jesse, telling him that he should give Claire a chance, as it’s an opportunity for a new beginning.

Later, Melinda calls out Harrison for his hypocrisy in the whole situation given his own dodgy behaviour thus far.

Claire then takes her chance to go and speak one-on-one with Jesse. She hands him her letter and gives a heartfelt apology again. He is moved by her words, it’s the best apology he’s ever received. They decide to sneak off from the Dinner Party together.


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