City on a Hill Review

One of Stan’s newest event drama series, City on a Hill gets underway next week, but is it worth your time?

In its opening, City on a Hill wastes no time in getting us clued into the time period and the events unfolding – it’s October 1989 and a white man, Charles Stewart, frames a black man for killing his wife, trying to cover up the fact he committed the crime himself. During the police investigation they find a black man to charge until Charles’ own brother Matthew reveals the truth, and all hell breaks loose.

At the forefront of the series is  Jack Rohar (Kevin Bacon, The Following), a corrupt FBI veteran who is deeply invested in keeping things as they are. On the opposite side of all this is Boston Assistant District Attorney Decourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge, Underground), who wants to change the system. Their paths cross when a warrant get bungled by J.R. Minogue (Kevin Chapman, Person of Interest), which results in Jackie’s informant Clay Roach (Rory Culkin) getting arrested.

Meanwhile, viewers are also introduces to the Ryan family, led by Fankie (Jonathan Tucker, Kingdom), who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Beyond that though, it’s best to discover how they fit into this story on your own.

Will Jack get what he wants? And more importantly, will Ward be able to the change the city so desperately needs, and just how far will both go to get what they seek?

Throughout the series’ opening hour, creator Chuck Maclean sets the pace for a cracking series with lots of shade, meaning everyone may not as they first appear. Bacon and Hodge will draw you in, but it’s Tucker and Mark O’Brien, who plays his brother Jimmy, that really shine in the first hour.

City on a Hill is definitely worth your time and doesn’t waste a second of it . You will not want to miss this series!


4/5 Stars

City on a Hill premieres Monday, 17 June on Stan with new episodes dropping weekly.