Christina gets payback on Jess with help from a guardian angel

Christina gets payback on Jess with help from a guardian angel

Last night on Big Brother, with Danny and Adriana in her corner, Christina set out to get payback on Jess.

As the rest of the housemates endured hell in the panic room, Big Brother surprised lucky last Danny with a survival kit containing lollies, chocolate and a massive game advantage – a key – which would allow one of the next three nominated housemates to escape the house and eviction by safely hiding out underground until after the ceremony.

In the toughest endurance challenge yet, Christina held on for five gruelling hours to take out the win, nominating Jess and safe votes SJ and Ari for eviction.

Danny sprang into action, sending Ari down the tunnel, making him safe from eviction and an ally for life.

“Daniel Hayes you are my guardian angel,” said Ari. “I’ve got nine lives in here. The housemates are trying to exterminate me but they can’t do it. I’m going to work with Danny. The two of us together could be a good little duo.”

After Sonia explained Ari’s absence from the ceremony, housemates were forced to choose between sending Jess or SJ home.

In the end, a devastated Jess was evicted and the house farewelled one of the game’s greatest players.  

“It’s heartbreaking, that’s not how I wanted to end, not even close,” said Jess. “I honestly thought I was going to be safe, I just don’t know where the vote went. Christina got me and she won. If it was myself and Ari, it would have been a totally different story. If Ari was smart, he’d say to Danny that’s a very nice thing you did for me but I can’t do anything for you because the majority are in the other group. I think Danny will be gone sooner than later to be honest.”


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