Chrissie’s Quiche Fails To Bring Home The Bacon.

Chrissie’s Quiche Fails To Bring Home The Bacon.

It was the first elimination in the MasterChef kitchen, and having won immunity in Monday’s cook with her perfect risotto, Collette was thrilled to be safe on the gantry.

The celebrities were greeted by world-famous chef and Tilly’s dad, Gordon Ramsay, on the screen from London to set tonight’s challenge. The challenge took place over two rounds, with the first round all about eggs, and the bottom three dishes landing their makers in round two.

Jock gave Tilly massive praise for her fondant with coulis and crème fraiche, claiming it was better than her dad’s. Nick’s dippy eggs and soldiers impressed the judges for its creativity and execution, while Archie’s big breakfast stack was lovely and pillowy. Chrissie, Thorpey and Dilruk found themselves at the bottom of the pack, and Gordon returned to announce that bacon would be the hero ingredient for round two.

In the final moments of the cook, Dilruk took a poll of the celebrities on the gantry and checked out the competition before opting to play his coveted immunity pin, saving his spot in the competition.

There were just two dishes to taste, and Thorpey was up first with his Japanese inspired club sandwich. Jock loved the yuzu salt on the chicken, and Mel said bacon was the dominating flavour.

Chrissie’s deconstructed quiche Lorraine was next to be tasted, and she knew she had a rough day in the kitchen. Mel said the flavours were full bodied and generous, and Jock said there was so much to love, but her undercooked pastry remained a problem. In a tight two-person race, Chrissie’s pastry was enough to see her the first celebrity eliminated from the MasterChef kitchen.

Upon leaving the MasterChef kitchen, Chrissie said: “I think I’ve had a very full MasterChef experience, all the panic, the things going wrong and all of it, I’ve had a bit of everything… it’s been fabulous.”


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