Chrissie Crushes Creasey In Feud Victory.

Chrissie Crushes Creasey In Feud Victory.

They might be good friends, but Chrissie Swan and Joel Creasey found themselves on opposing sides of this week’s All Star Family Feud episode.

The Swan team was captained by Chrissie, who was joined by her mother Pat, sister Catherine and aunty Carmel, while comedian Joel Creasey’s team comprised his mother Jenny and best friends Thomas and Kyle.

The Swan family scored an early win in round one despite Chrissie’s flustered answer to “Name something every couch potato needs”.

Round two proved touch-and-go for the Swan family after they received three strikes in a row to the question “Name a show with a popular theme song”. The baton was quickly passed over to the Creasey family for the win but they were unable to grab the points.

The Swan family’s intimate answer to the question “Name something you do to get on your partner’s good side” saw them collect another win in round three.

After trailing all night, the Creasey team surprisingly found themselves leading the scoreboard following rounds four and five. But their success was short-lived as the Swan family came through with the goods in round six, taking home the game with a total of 424 points to 290.

Chrissie and her sister Catherine stepped up to the plate for Fast Money and won an extra $10,000 for their charity Ardoch Youth Foundation, taking their total winnings to $30,000. Team Creasey won $10,000 for their charity Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Next week’s episode will see Nova radio duo Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald and Michael “Wippa” Wipfli put their friendship to the test in the ultimate feud battle. “Fitzy”, his mother Claire, dad Mick and sister Holly will be playing for Kidsafe. “Wippa” will be joined by his mother Christine, grandmother Norma and sister Louise playing for My Room, Children’s Cancer Centre, at the Royal Children’s Hospital.