Chloe and Kelly go through to MKR Finale

Chloe and Kelly go through to MKR Finale

Western Australia’s well-travelled friends Chloe and Kelly have claimed their spot in Tuesday night’s MKR grand final after defeating Queensland surfer dads Paul and Blair in last night’s  semi-final.

It was a strong start with both teams impressing the judges with their seafood entrees.

Chloe and Kelly’s lobster with smoked salmon and lotus root was praised for its taste and elegant presentation. The only criticism was from judge Guy Grossi who questioned if the smoked salmon had overpowered the dish.

Paul and Blair’s entrée of pink snapper with tomato and lemon grass broth was also well received with co-host and judge Pete Evans applauding their “killer broth,” saying every bite took his breath away.

Chloe and Kelly continued the seafood theme with their main of pesce acqua pazza with confit tomatoes, a dish  judge Guy Grossi dubbed an “awesome creation.”

Judge Colin Fassnidge agreed, saying: “Your fish was cooked on the bone perfectly. The broth was bursting with flavour. This is a stunning dish and I would happily sell it in my restaurant.”      

Co-host and judge Manu Feildel added: “it’s a simple dish, but there’s so much talent in here.” 

While Chloe and Kelly’s main had the judges united in praise, Paul and Blair’s kangaroo fillet with baby beet and blueberry sauce served with a side of chocolate ganache, divided the table.

Pete Evans said the kangaroo was cooked “beautifully, lovely and rare,” although he would have preferred it sliced a little thinner.

But it was the chocolate ganache that had the judges agreeing to disagree.

“I loved the ambition of this dish, but I think the chocolate perhaps should have been incorporated in another manner,” said Guy Grossi.

Manu disagreed saying the combination “worked for him,” while Pete Evans argued the ganache should have been left off the plate.

For dessert, Chloe and Kelly plated up a strawberry champagne trifle.

While Manu Feildel and Karen Martini admired the trifle’s deconstructed elements, Guy Grossi wasn’t convinced it was a semi-final dish, despite its delicate presentation. “It’s very pretty. Lots of colour on the plate, but I do think it looks a little bitsy,” he said.

Paul and Blair’s espresso parfait with sesame seed wafer was deemed “to die for” by Manu, but it wasn’t enough to get them to the grand final with the boys leaving the competition with a score of 46 out of 60. “I couldn’t have done it with anyone else,” said Blair of his time in the competition with team mate Paul.  “It’s been a great journey. “I’m a big believer in living each moment and we’ve definitely lived this moment to its fullest. We can leave with our heads held high.”

 Tonight SA mums Bree and Jessica go up against VIC twins Helena and Vikki to determine the second grand final contender.

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