Cheers, Fears And Tears.

Cheers, Fears And Tears.

in the fifteenth leg of The Amazing Race Australia, teams travelled from the Sunny Coast to Brisbane.

In the last leg, The Cowboys handed The Geek and The Princess a Sabotage, which saw them carry The Bodybuilder’s backpacks all leg long. You heard that right: the smallest two people in the Race, had to carry the bags of the biggest two people. And let’s remember, if there is one thing bodybuilders love more than flexing, it’s protein powder… and that weighs a tonne.

After hitching a ride to Brisbane in classic cars, teams had to choose between two Detours – Cheery or Paniyiri. In Cheery, they had to learn a cheerleading routine which worked a treat for our resident Princess, Aleisha, who has a never-ending supply of cheer (except, of course, when she is handed a Sabotage). In Paniyiri, teams had to learn a Greek dance.

In their next challenge, one team member had to make a Subway sandwich, while the other had to correctly guess the 10 ingredients on it. Poor Dolor didn’t know his steak from his chicken, but finally got himself out of a pickle, by guessing a pickle.

In their final challenge, teams were given a grid image that matched the façade of a hotel, and a set of room keys. Their challenge was to use that grid, work out which rooms they had, use the keys to get inside and turn the lights on. When all the teams were finished, a smiley face was created on the façade of the building. If you thought this leg of the Race was hard, think about our resident Geek Chris’ legs running up and down the hotel staircase, while carrying all that extra weight.

Teams then headed to the Pit Stop on top of Storey Bridge. The Footy Mates arrived first, followed by The Geek and the Princess whose hometown knowledge worked to their advantage.

While their time in the Race was as fast as their metabolism, we sure will miss The Bodybuilders who arrived at the Pitstop last and were eliminated from the Race.