Charities, Cheers And Celebrity Crushes.

Charities, Cheers And Celebrity Crushes.

We’re not crying, it’s just the campfire smoke in our eyes. Tonight, while there was no shortage of LOL’s, we brought it down a notch when the celebs revealed their chosen charities. Here is what went down in jungle town…

Is there a jungle romance in the works? Like honey to a bee, Honey Badger is to Woody. Our dearest Woody has got goo-goo eyes for Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins, and we are here for it.

You know what else we learned tonight? Giant, slimy, slides are fun and hilarious, and can win you 10 stars for your campmates as Adam, Dom, Woody and Harry found out.

Harry revealed to the camp that he had given away his Commonwealth Gold medal to his 80 year old coach, and his Olympic bronze medal to the MCG museum. He recalled going to the museum on a school camp in eighth grade and hopes another child may be inspired like he was.

Chat around the campfire then turned to Harry’s love life with Liz nominating herself as matchmaker with all the netball players within her reach.

Adam opened up about the prevalence and danger surrounding concussions in the AFL; Stories about players coming off the field unconscious, only to return to the game moments later.

Bianca captivated her campmates when she spoke passionately about the various indigenous names that we identify with today, and how she is proud her skin colour.

Searing, emotional, and tear-soaked. Not a dry eye in camp when our celebrities got deep and one by one, described the charity that was the driving force behind their time in the jungle.

On Sunday night, the trials department will be high fiving themselves over this one. The infamous Viper Room returns, but with double the victims, Dicko and Dom. Plus, we will sadly farewell our first celebrity from the jungle.


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