Champions crack as Survivor reveals Exile face off

Champions crack as Survivor reveals Exile face off

It was the episode where the champions alience cracks and Abby pulled off a blindside.  Daisy, who had been sent to Exile Beach at the previous Tribal Council, had spent the night battling some of the season’s harshest weather conditions on her own. The elements had pushed the former country girl to the point of breaking, but with fire came a renewed sense of the fighting spirit.

On her first night’s experience at Exile Beach and in the game, Daisy said: “I definitely think I’m a fighter, I’ve been instilled with the attitude that kind of comes from country people. Nothing in life is free, you’ve got to work with what you’ve got, grab the bull by the horns and see what you can make happen.”

Back with the rest of the tribe at Soli Bula, Dirty Harry sought out an opportunity to create a crack in the Champion’s alliance by appealing to Abbey’s end-game plans.  Thus far, Abbey had been riding the vote coattails of Pia and Janine , but with Harry’s gentle prodding, Abbey was confronted with the idea that this type of game play would not see her standing as the Sole Survivor.

The Immunity Challenge is a brutal challenge of endurance. In the heat of the midday sun, Pia surprised everyone by outlasting all the big challenge-threats like Luke and Simon to win Immunity, saving herself from the Contender’s plans.

Back at camp, Janine confidently steered the former Champs towards voting for Baden, but unbeknown to her, Luke had already flipped and Abbey had also made the decision to take her game into her own hands.

At Tribal Council, a feisty exchange occurred between Janine and Harry with Janine sure the vote to send the next person to Exile Beach would remain down former tribe lines.

In a move their alliance did not see coming, former Champions Luke and Abbey flipped on their old tribe, sending Simon into a sudden death battle against Queensland travel agent, Daisy.  A state of shock settled in over Pia and Janine as they realised they had lost control of the game.