Celeste Barber joins Kangaroo Beach

Celeste Barber joins Kangaroo Beach

It’s the Australian animated TV series that has captured the hearts of kids across the nation and comedian Celeste Barber is set to join the cast of Kangaroo Beach in an upcoming Summer Special.

The Kangaroo Beach Summer Special follows the adventures of four young animal friends, Pounce, Gemma, Neville and Frizzy, as they spend an action-packed summer at a spectacular beach, training as junior cadets with their lifeguard heroes. Celeste will voice Neville’s slightly overbearing Mum Narelle.

Celeste said: “I’ve adored voicing Neville’s Mum. I refer to my children as my little wombats so playing Narelle wasn’t too much of a stretch… Also, my dad is called Neville and he’s my hero so I figured any kid (or wombat) named the same must be great, and I was more than willing to play their parent.”

The Kangaroo Beach Summer Specialsees the cadets embark on a surfing adventure that ends with them being stranded on a deserted beach and in care of two frightened young kids. Neville helps lift their spirits with a story of a time he was scared… on the cadet’s very first day on Kangaroo Beach. Complete newbies to beach protocol, disaster strikes and they need rescuing! But with some vital training from the lifeguards, the cadets begin to learn about the way of the ocean. Neville’s story inspires his friends to devise a clever plan to get them all back to safety. 

The First Day of Summer, premiering on the 1st of January at 8.10am, with an encore at 5.20pm on ABC Kids and ABC iview.


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