Celebrity Apprentice’s Live Infomercial

Celebrity Apprentice’s Live Infomercial
Celebrity Apprentice - 205

It’s the next task of the competition and the girls have had enough, they’re sick of losing to the boys who are on a hot winning streak, but Lord Sugar has a surprise in store for them…it’s time to swap teams.

With the teams now swapped, Lord Sugar has informed the celebrities that they will be creating a 60 second live infomercial. Carla and Vince are chosen to the next Project Managers for this task, both going in confident they can deliver a great infomercial and win.

With both teams off and running…Lord Sugar’s not done yet; and has one more twist up his sleeve…redemption. He’s given the fired celebrities an opportunity to get back into the competition, they will fight it out against one another, and Lord Sugar will then decide who will survive.

As team Collaborate come to an easy decision on a product for their ad, over at Team Innovate it’s a bit more of a struggle, with newly appointed team Innovate members Benji, Darren and Jarred not on board with Carla’s decision.

Things soon come to a grinding halt for Team Collaborate as Project Manager Vince, starts taking his role as Director a little too seriously. As he makes his team members practise their lines over and over again; it’s clear that the team are losing time and control of their ad. Over at Team Innovate there’s been a definite gear shift, with Project Manager Carla taking control, with the help of scriptwriters Darren and Jean and model…I mean supermodel Jarrod Scott.

Back at Team Redemption Beck, Eloni and Jodi are all working together as a team to get their infomercial made, Gamble on the other hand is off with the fairies, and Lord Sugar is not impressed.

Working well together as a team, Team Innovate are confident with their ad and the upcoming live cross; Team Collaborate on the other hand are STILL practising, losing more and more time, and crazy director Vince losing more and more control.

As the clock runs out and the live cross begins, Team Innovate are raring to go and successfully film their ad in 60 seconds but Team Collaborate who are running behind, miss the opportunity to film their entire ad, a fatal blow to the team.

In the Boardroom, Lord Sugar is unimpressed that Team Collaborate started filming their infomercial late. With this mistake Team Innovate win the task, leaving Team Collaborate to face the boardroom music.

With Vince, Turia and Ronnie in the bottom three, it’s ultimately Project Manager Vince who is fired; but the boardrooms not over yet, as Beck, Eloni, Jodi and Gamble finally arrive, to the surprise of the remaining celebrities who are not impressed. To be continued.


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