Celebrity Apprentice pitches toward Finale

Celebrity Apprentice pitches toward Finale

Today, our Top Four need to battle it out for their place in the Grand Final.

Amy, Benji and Ronnie arrive at the task location, The State Theatre and are surprised fellow celeb Darren isn’t there. Lord Sugar greets them and says Darren spent the night in the hospital and is not well enough to join them. Benji is shattered. Darren is his best friend in the competition and Benji is very worried about him.

Lord Sugar introduces the task. Today, our celebrities will need to pitch a story about their lives to a panel of executives from streaming giant Stan. The winner will receive $20,000 for their charity and a gold ticket straight through to the Grand Final.

It’s time to start planning. Indy singer Amy is certain one of her songs is autobiographical enough to use as a pitch. Ronnie thinks his memoirs about his early twenties will be enough to secure his place in the Grand Final. Poor Benji cannot think of anything other than his dear friend Darren recuperating at home.

And then, Darren walks in! He’s subdued and quiet, but Benji is thrilled to see his mate and the reunion gives him the inspiration he needs to start writing a pitch about his life. Ronnie is not pleased to see Darren as he believes Darren is his greatest threat.

It’s nearly time for the celebrities to go on stage. Amy goes first and sings her song. However, it fails to impress the Stan panel who didn’t understand what her documentary was about. Ronnie goes out next, however his pitch has striking similarities to Matt Okine’s The Other Guy, a comedy drama already streaming on Stan. Despite being sick, Darren pitches his rom com and the panel love it. Benji comes out on stage. He’s nervous and fearful but then delivers an amazing TV show idea about his battle to learn about himself due to not knowing who his father is.

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar awards Benji the golden ticket straight through to the Grand Final, based on his performance to Stan. This leaves Amy, Darren and Ronnie to battle it out for the remaining position.

Tensions fly between Darren and Ronnie. Then Darren argues with Lord Sugar, resulting in Lord Sugar walking out of the Boardroom.

Amy is first to be sent home. Which leaves Darren and Ronnie neck and neck. However, Lord Sugar, is shocked when Ronnie announces he’s held off using his Black Book contacts until the Grand Final. This leads to him being fired and Darren will be going into the Grand Final with his best friend Benji.


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