Celebrity Apprentice goes Camping

Celebrity Apprentice goes Camping
Celebrity Apprentice - 203

The wellness world is a billion-dollar industry and the perfect way to test our celebs for this week’s task. Each team, split into Boys v Girls must develop and host a wellness retreat.

Lord Sugar quickly takes one decision out of their hands, choosing Bronte to be Project Manager for Team Innovate and Benji on Team Collaborate.

They have a choice of two retreat sites – ‘Luxe’, which includes glamping tents valued at $2000 per night or ‘Nature’, which means their guests will be sleeping in swags under the stars – but costing a more affordable $1000. Both teams want the fancier option, but after a race between Gamble/Turia and Ronnie/Jarrod to secure the luxe site, the boys are victorious. Feeling confident with the glamping site, Team Collaborate opt for an ‘inner child’ retreat theme. After all the in-fighting from the last few tasks, this gives the boys the opportunity to find common ground, be vulnerable and work as a team. The guests are impressed and join the celebs in opening-up.

The girls quickly adapt to their nature site and choose a ‘challenge yourself’ theme for their guests. Activities include inspiring talks around the campfire with Turia and after revealing the man behind drag-star Carla from Bankstown is Ben, he leads an expressive drag expressive. Jodi ends the retreat by hosting a horse therapy session for their guests, which is an odd choice considering she’s terrified of horses!

It’s boardroom time and although Lord Sugar holds the final firing power, the winning team is determined by guests and who has provided the best value for money. Team Collaborate with Benji as Project Manager wins, and he pockets $20 000 for his charity. Bronte is left in charge of the losing team and although initially choosing Gamble and Turia for missing out on the luxe site to take into the final 3, she changes her mind, choosing Jodi after bad guest reviews and setting Gamble free. Lord Sugar is gobsmacked that the celebrity scared of horses would lead their equine therapy class, and Jodi is sent packing.


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