Celebrities Learn to Negotiate

Celebrities Learn to Negotiate
Celebrity Apprentice - 204

Lord Sugar is testing the celebrities with a fundamental business skill: Negotiation. The celebrities must go on a scavenger hunt to track down a list of ten items within 3 hours and purchase them for the lowest price possible, with fines in play if the wrong item is purchased. And, to make things even harder, Lord Sugar has decided to dress everyone up in disguises to strip them of their celebrity status.

When deciding who will be PM, who is the only member not allowed to negotiate, Sammy puts her hand up to lead team Innovate. Whereas Will and Woody are voted as PM for team Collaborate as all the boys want to dress up and negotiate.

Team Innovate are off to a slow start as Gamble tries to negotiate on the wrong tea set which sees her use up all her allocated time and fails to purchase the product before Jean swoops in to save the day.

Team collaborates solid start hits a roadblock when Benji struggles to negotiate on a rare bottle of wine. After pulling on the heartstrings of the wine vendor, he manages to secure the wine.

The wine drama doesn’t stop there. Sammy leads the girls to the wrong shop, and they end up overpaying for the wine as they have too little time to negotiate and purchase the wine at the right shop. All before Team Collaborate comes crashing down to earth when they realise Jarrod has purchased the wrong item minutes before time is up. 

With only a difference of $20, team Collaborate are victorious, leaving the girls to fight for their spot in the competition. It is Gamble who is fired as she was the only one who used all her allocated time, forcing Sammy to make the wrong decision about the wine under the time constraints.


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