Celebrities get honest in the jungle

Last night I’m a Celebrity continued to balance its light and shade with a very interesting episode.

As punishment for sneaking some of the campers kale last night the caretakers were forced to eat the unappetising green vegetable for the whole day.

While Justin discussed the downside to being really, really, really ridiculously good looking, Yurie pulled some incredible facial expressions that let us know she really wasn’t interested.

Yvie and Ajay Rochester bonded over the pain that comes with being overweight and talked about fat shaming in the media. The women discussed using their weight as a defence mechanism and were proud that two larger women were being represented on the show.

Ajay opened up to Jacquie Lambie and Sam Dastyari about the welfare scam that has plagued her for many years. She got emotional as she discussed what really went down and how the media blew it out of proportion.

In The Tucker Trial, Breakfast in Bed, was egg-hausting for bed buddies Justin, Jacqui, Justine Schofield and Natasha Exelby, who splattered their way through a selection of snoek eggs, blended rat, lamb brains, cockroaches, impala spleen and goat intestines.

Caretakers Justine and Natasha put in a solid effort but were no match for team campers Jacqui and Justin who proved just how ravenous they were.

Richard Reid and Ricky Martin met in the bathroom of the Four Seasons, Beverly Hills. Richard spilled the tea about his chance run in with the devilishly handsome Latino and how he wonders if he missed a romantic opportunity.

Tonight  Justin and Luke will be shooting hoops at death-defying heights.