Celebrated Comedic Pawformer Revealed As The Masked Singer Kitten.

Celebrated Comedic Pawformer Revealed As The Masked Singer Kitten.

In the biggest stitch up since COVID-19, Lady Julia Morris catfished her dear friend and guessing panellist Urzila Carlson, after successfully throwing her off the Kitten scent with her convincing tales that painted her at home in a back brace. 

Claiming his first win for the season, Dave Hughes was feline fine after he opted to ignore The Masked Singer Australia backgate saga, staying resolute in his conviction that he had pieced the puzzle together to place a winning bet on Julia Morris being the unfurgettable voice behind everyone’s favourite Kitten. 

Still yet to get a correct guess on the board, Urzila cast her eyes internationally again and attached Kitten to award-winning actress Melissa McCarthy. Angling for their third correct guess, Jackie O was stuck on Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson, while Dannii Minogue had a sneaking suspicion it was radio personality Chrissie Swan.

Emerging from her Kitten mask, Julia cleared things up by explaining: “I have got my back brace on! I have seen the physio every second day since the show started – I am a proper mess!”

When Dannii Minogue asked what it felt like to be back on the mic, Julia shared: “As a comedian, you don’t want anyone to think you’re taking yourself too seriously. Being behind the mask, I was allowed to have my turn at being a singer, and that was so thrilling. It filled me up in a great way. I’ve had such a wonderful experience.”

Kitten’s due for a cat nap after using all her energy on her final claw at the win, but it’s showtime for our final four.

Puppet delivered an impressive interpretation of A-Ha’s synth pop banger Take On Me, while our Queen took centre stage to ooze class all over Selena Gomez hit Lose You To Love Me.

Bushranger bedazzled with Lady Antebellum’s heart-wrenching country ballad Need You Now, which had Dannii Minogue predicting Bushranger’s “unstoppable” voice would see them right through to finale.

Frillneck took Jackie O to “the happiest place ever” and got our entire panel up on their feet to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Can’t Hold Us, leaving Urzila Carlson with no choice but to phone her wife and explain she’s now marrying a lizard.