Cecilia out Georgia in on Masterchef

Cecilia out Georgia in on Masterchef

Last night’s Masterchef was a bittersweet occasion as 1 contestant left the game but it wasn’t because of their cooking ability.

Top 24 contestant Cecilia Vuong was unable to continue in the competition.  Gary Mehigan addressed the contestants on behalf of the judges: “As you know, Cecilia is recovering from a brain injury. We received expert medical advice instructing us that it is not in her best interest to continue in the competition. “Cecilia is a brilliant cook and we all hope we see her next year in this competition.”

Stepping up to take the coveted spot in the Top 24 is Georgia Hughes, 18, from South Australia. It was a happy reunion for Georgia and the other 23 contestants, who had said their goodbyes the day before. In a tight finish, Byron edged Georgia out of the competition to claim the last apron in the Lemon, Lime and Bitters pressure test. Matt Preston said: “In the pressure test yesterday there was one contestant who really impressed us, and we felt it was only right to give her the 24th place, so please welcome back Georgia.”

Having completed one year of her Physiotherapy degree at Flinders University, Georgia has sacrificed her place in the course to follow her passion for food and take up her place in the MasterChef kitchen.

 Masterchef will eliminate it’s first contestant 7:30 PM Tonight on Ten.


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