Cathy and Anna Depart My Kitchen Rules

Cathy and Anna Depart My Kitchen Rules

Thalia & Bianca and Bree & Jessica round out MKR’s Top 5 as Cathy & Anna leave the competition

Tasmanian BFF’s Thalia & Bianca and South Australian mums Bree & Jessica secured their place in MKR’s Top 5 on Monday after New South Wales mother and daughter team Cathy & Anna, were eliminated after losing the sudden death cook-off.

The three teams battled it out over three rounds with Cathy & Anna winning the first round challenge of trimming and trussing a beef eye fillet.  The win gave the country New South Wales pair the advantage of choosing what ingredients each team would cook with in the next round. Cathy & Anna chose to cook with beef and decided to give chocolate to Bree & Jessica, leaving Thalia & Bianca with skate wings.

Bree & Jessica plated up chocolate ravioli with chocolate sauce and orange zest.  The judges agreed they had mastered the art of dough making with their “beautifully thin, well cooked pasta.” “Pasta has never tasted so good.  It was silky, beautifully seasoned and well balanced,” said Pete

True to their honest, country cooking style, Cathy & Anna showcased their beef fillet with a cauliflower puree, mushrooms and wilted spinach. The judges acknowledged Cathy & Anna didn’t rest their beef long enough, saying it detracted from its presentation, but they agreed it don’t not affect the taste. “The taste and texture was absolutely amazing.  Cooked to perfection!” said  Manu , whose only criticism was the lack of sauce plated up with the dish.

But it was Thalia & Bianca’s skate wings with pea puree and bubble and squeak that most impressed the judges, sending the girls straight to the Top 5. Manu said their skate was “amazing.” Pete agreed, saying it was “beautiful and golden on the outside and it just flakes away.”

A very emotional Cathy & Anna were left to compete against Bree & Jessica in the third round sudden death cook-off.

Fighting to stay in the competition, Cathy & Anna plated up chermoula quail with roasted baby carrots and quinoa salad as their signature dish. While there was inconsistencies in the cooking of their quail, judge Karen Martini described Cathy & Anna’s dish as “well-crafted, contemporary and clever.

Bree & Jessica’s signature “curry in a hurry”, butter chicken with red lentil dhal and rice, also found favour with the judges.  Liz Egan said it was “colorful, vibrant and fragrant when it came to the table.” Judge Colin Fassnidge agreed: “Girls, tonight you took me to your home and fed me with love.   It was a great curry.” With only one point the decider, Cathy & Anna were eliminated from the competition on a score of 50

“All good things must come to an end.  It’s been  an amazing experience,” said Cathy about her time in the competition.  “I’ve learned so much, not just about cooking, but about us.” “This competition was an amazing journey that mum and I have been able to go on together.  It hasn’t been easy, there’s been lots of highs and lows, but it has been worth every minute,” added Anna.  “Mum and I are closer than ever.  I didn’t think that could be possible, but we are.”

Tonight the Top 5 begin the ultimate instant restaurant round.

My Kitchen Rules airs 7:30 tonight and tomorrow on Seven.


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