Cara’s Vote Blunder Sends a Survivor Home

Cara’s Vote Blunder Sends a Survivor Home

Tonight Survivor had a voting blunder that saw an unexpected tribemate exit.

In lieu of a Reward Challenge, Jonathan greeted players with clean buffs, as all Tribemates underwent a line-up change. The new Brains Tribe now consisted of George, Laura, Rachel, Georgia, Daini, Emmett, Kez, Gerald and Cara, while Simon, Shannon, Chelsea, Dani, Flick, Hayley, Baden, Andrew and Wai were now repping Brawn.

At Brains, George made quick work of reuniting with Cara and she reassured him that if he played nice, he could work with the old Brawn members. Emmett, Big D, Gerald, Cara and George headed to the well where Emmett formally invited George into their alliance.

Thrilled to be in this new majority, George revealed to them that Laura has an Immunity Idol and it needed to be flushed!

In the first Immunity Challenge in their new Tribes, players worked in teams of two to carry balls across a water course. Despite an early slip up from Wai, Brawns dominated the challenge and secured the coveted Immunity.

Returning from losing the challenge at Brains, George proposed the safe mathematical option of splitting the vote. Although running through the plan multiple times, ex-Brawn members Emmett, Cara and Gerald still looked dumbfounded.

At Tribal Council it was clear from the start, that the old Brawn members were sticking together, and Laura, Georgia and Rachel were in trouble. Rachel pitched hard to be spared, but Cara was quick to shut down her pleas. The ex-Brawn members reveled in the fireworks of the Brains, confident with their plan.

After the vote, Laura decided to play the Idol for Rachel, unsure how it would land. With votes against Rachel, Georgia, Laura and Big D, Cara was left mortified after she accidently wrote down the wrong name and thwarted the plan.

The Brains were shocked and unsure of what just happened, as Big D’s torch was snuffed… while Cara looked on guiltily.


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