Cara Swaps Brains For Brawn.

You’d have to wonder if, as an empath, Cara Atchison could feel the betrayal of her tribe tonight

In tonight’s Reward Challenge, chocolate milk and lamingtons were on the menu. Tethered to a rope, players were tasked to dig under a log and weave their way through a series of obstacles. It was a race to unlock sandbags used to smash six targets, with the first team to hit all six, to take out the Reward. In what was the closest challenge this season, Brawn edged out in front, scoring some sweet treats for their hard work.

Not only did Brawn get their just desserts, a delicious twist allowed them to take one member of Brains to camp, to enjoy their Reward with them. They chose Joey, who is eager to get a sneak peek into how the other half lives and make some new frenemies.

With both Tribes feeling the pressure of shifting alliances, Immunity was a sought-after commodity. The Immunity Challenge saw one Castaway from each Tribe, paddle out on a board to collect one of five keys, with the rest of the Tribe tasked to bring them back using a giant winch. Using the keys to unlock a giant puzzle and solve it, it was Brawn who used their brains, to win Immunity.

Knowing that the minority alliance was in danger, Cara and George embarked on a mission to find hidden treasures ahead of their Tribal Council date. Miraculously, Cara stumbled upon an Immunity Idol.

At Tribal Council, Cara showed off her newly found accessory and made a stand to stick together; Joey called George “the bad egg”; and Wai bravely pointed out that the variables of the game are always changing, and there is fluidity in alliances.

As the votes were cast, Cara contemplated what to do with her Idol. As she settled on a grand gesture and played the Idol for George, an emotional George was left wondering how she could do something so selfless, when there was a chance that she herself, could go home? 

When the votes were counted, it was clear that Cara had fallen on her sword, and she was headed home. In an emotional goodbye, George thanked his hero for her act of bravery and kindness. Wai looked sheepish, the others satisfied, as Cara put out her torch.

Walking away from her Australia n Survivor: Brains V Brawn experience, Cara saw a sign ahead. She had been saved and will re-join the game, as a Brawn.


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