Canyon Feel The Love Tonight?

Canyon Feel The Love Tonight?

There was no shortage of blues after the 20th leg of The Amazing Race Australia.

First up was a Roadblock where one team member had to travel through the dark and freezing waters of the Empress Canyon, before abseiling down the 30-metre high waterfall. But no amount of TLC from her instructor could coax Princess Aleisha to jump into the murky waters below, crying her way through the challenge.

It was also here where Skye-Blue blew us away, yet again, as she expertly completed the challenge with one hand. As her brother, Jake, so eloquently said:

“Skye-Blue does with one hand, what many people couldn’t do with two.”

Their next challenge was a Detour where they chose between Lunch or Launch. Teams that chose Lunch were dressed as waiters and took the orders of two guests simultaneously, remembering each of their eight, specific high-tea items. 

The proof, and next clue was in the pudding. Teams that chose Launch paid homage to the late Norman Lindsay, a Blue Mountains resident, and his book The Magic Pudding. With one team member dressed as Bunyip Bluegum, they used their boater hat to catch five puddings that their teammate had sling shot at them. 

And if the Race itself didn’t have them running enough, the teams had to run away with the circus for their next challenge, memorising and performing a hula hoop routine. Fun fact: Amanda used to hula hoop at Hooters.

The challenge ran circles around Skye-Blue and Jake, as the frustration of not being able to remember the moves, began to take its toll on our favourite siblings.

The final challenge was yet another Roadblock. Forty metres between a gigantic chasm, was a suspended ladder bridge, 80 metres off the ground, with no handrails. One unlucky team member had to step out into the abyss and walk their way across the wobbly slats. If they fell, they had to go to the back of the queue. Jackson’s fear of heights nearly crippled him, but with a few encouraging words and ‘ye-ha’s from fellow Cowboy Brendon, Jackson made it across.

At the Pit Stop, there were no surprises when, for the third consecutive time, The Gold Coast Girls were first to arrive. Coming in second was The Geek and The Princess, followed by The Cowboys, and then The Super Sikhs.

Sadly, the fifth and final team were The Siblings, Skye-Blue and Jake. If these guys aren’t #siblinggoals, we don’t know what is.