Candice and Nick Win Beauty And The Geek Australia

Candice and Nick Win Beauty And The Geek Australia

After 8 very long weeks the winners of Beauty and The Geek have been crowned.

Geek Nick Hamilton and his Beauty Candice Stinson have won the sixth series of Beauty And The  Geek Australia.
Candice, the American Beauty who grew up in Orange County, and her Geek successfully put into practise everything they had learnt in the mansion to take out the title. In the series finale, Nick went on a dinner date with a complete stranger and Candice competed in an intellectual debating challenge.

Candice and Nick then went on to defeat the two remaining couples – Nicole Burns and Alex Tomisich and Frances Russell and Oliver O’Neill – in a nail biting final elimination quiz before being crowned the winners of Beauty And The Geek Australia 2014.

NSW Geek Nick will remember the heart-warming reality TV series not only for the $100,000 cash prize he and Candice won but also for the special bond he developed with his Beauty and partner in crime. “I couldn’t imagine (doing this) with anyone other than Candice,” says Nick. “I am so much more confident now and I have Candice to thank for that.”

Candice reveals her Geek taught her a valuable life lesson – not to judge a book by its cover. “It’s really opened up my eyes,” she says. “It’s been the most amazing experience.”
For the first time in the series history of Beauty And The Geek Australia, the Geeks were taken to the party capital of the world – Las Vegas – and teamed up with American Beauties to give the shows format a new twist.