Can of Worms: April 15

Can of Worms: April 15


Can of Worms guests next week are Tim Ferguson, Merv Hughes and Genevieve Morris.


James Mathison hosts while Chrissie Swan has maternity leave.


Is it worth the wait to be an older parent? How old is too old? Tune in this week as the guests discuss if 45 is too old to become a first-time parent.


Also, Margaret Thatcher has proved to be as divisive in her passing as she was during her time as British Prime Minister.


The song Ding Dong The Witch is Dead has roared back into the UK singles chart since the Iron Lady died, so we ask “is it tasteless to celebrate someone’s death? Or is it OK to speak ill of the dead?”


Samoa Airlines is now charging passengers by the kilo – the more you weigh, the more you pay. Perfectly fine or seriously wrong?


Plus, the latest internet craze in China has pet owners dressing up their dogs in pantyhose. Is this just a bit of fun, or a reason to involve animal welfare?


Tim Ferguson, 49, is an Aussie comedian, writer, producer and television presenter. Tim grew up in Singapore, then the country town of Blayney, New South Wales before moving to Canberra, where he went to the radical free-school School Without Walls and Narrabundah College. Tim’s comedy career kicked off as a member of The Doug Anthony All Stars, an Aussie musical comedy group who performed together between 1984 and 1994 (named after a National Party pollie), The band was a trio comprising Paul McDermott and Tim Ferguson on main vocals and Richard Fidler on guitar and backing vocals. The self-made comedians had underground success locally but it was Edinburgh Festival that broke them in the UK. They quickly became popular making a number of TV appearance (including Channel 4′s Friday Night Live) and then broke through in Australia when they were made regular performers on the Australian comedy show The Big Gig and created their own ABC comedy series, DAAS Kapital. During the ‘90s, Ferguson appeared in ABC’s Funky Squad and hosted Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush on the Nine Network. He also starred as Frankenfurter in the New Rocky Horror Show.


Australia’s moustachioed master of sledging’s dark arts, Mervyn Gregory Hughes, is an Australian cricket legend. Now 51, Merv represented Australia between 1985 and 1994 in 53 Test matches, taking 212 wickets. Today, Merv lives in Essendon with his wife Sue and three kids. Although he was a fierce competitor on the field in his heyday, hitting more than 1000 Test runs and one of only 24 Australians to take 200 Test wickets, Merv is remembered as much for his legendary drinking talents and his huge handlebar-style mo. The right-arm fast bowler’s bristly mo’ was actually insured for roughly $370,000 during his cricketing days as a member of the Australian national team.


Genevieve Morris has been a familiar face on Australian television since 1993, appearing in numerous projects across comedy and drama. She appeared as a regular in Comedy Inc, playing a variety of characters and in 2004 received an AFI nomination for the Best Performance in a Comedy Series. Her ther credits include Blue Heelers, MDA, State Coroner and she was a regular on City Homicide. A trained teacher, 44-year-old Genevieve fell into acting and has never looked back. She became a household face when she played Barbara the Bank Manager in a series of television ads for ANZ Bank. Genevieve lives in an outer suburb of Melbourne with her partner Tim and their two children, aged four and six.


Mondays at 8.30pm on TEN.

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