Cameras Roll on Wentworth Season 4

Cameras Roll on Wentworth Season 4

Production has started on season four of Wentworth and things are bound to be interesting.

After season three dramatic fire the cast and crew are settling in to a new location and studio in Melbourne’s western suburbs to shoot the 12 episode season.

The cast confirmed for season four are   Danielle Cormack (Bea Smith), Pamela Rabe (Joan Ferguson), Kate Atkinson (Vera Bennett), Nicole da Silva (Franky Doyle), Celia Ireland (Liz Birdsworth), Shareena Clanton (Doreen Anderson), Katrina Milosevic (Sue “Boomer” Jenkins), Robbie Magasiva (Will Jackson), Socratis Otto (Maxine Conway), Tammy MacIntosh (Kaz Proctor), and Libby Tanner (Bridget Westfall). noticably absent is Aarron Jeffery who plays prision guard Matt “Fletch” Fletcher..

As the story resumes, Bea and her cell-block mates are returning to Wentworth after the fire and rebuilding of H Block to find a new dynamic in play with a new contender for Top Dog. On the outside, Franky is trying hard to be a productive member of society. As always, no-one should underestimate “the Freak”. 

FremantleMedia Australia Director of Drama Jo Porter said  Season four will see Wentworth prison rise again from the ashes of the closing hour of season three.  We all love the new location and the subtle changes introduced by Pino Amenta and the Art Department.  “The writing team lead by Marcia Gardner has once again concocted a fantastic story arc for the series which will see new and old characters forced to decide what is and isn’t worth fighting for. While thematically, notions of love and obsession will underpin the season as the power base of Wentworth is redefined.”.

Foxtel’s Head of Drama Penny Win said   “The amazing cast and crew have raised the bar each season and with season four Wentworth will become Foxtel’s longest running Australian drama series.” “All of us at Foxtel and FremantleMedia Australia are very proud of Wentworth’s achievements in garnering both passionate fans and critical acclaim at home on Foxtel’s SoHo channel and around the world.”

Wentworth season four started production this week and will air on Soho in 2016.