Callum and Mitch Face The Consequsences

The villa is still rocked from the truth or dare game that Callum and Mitch and the two new bombs Vakoo and Phoebe H took part in.

Austen slams Callum and Mitch for basically “cheating” on their girls. The game saw Callum share a three way kiss with Phoebe and Vakoo, and Mitch and Phoebe H have a raunchy encounter that his girl, Phoebe S, saw.

Phoebe S, devastated, finally chats to Mitch about it. Layla meanwhile is more forgiving towards Callum, despite the fact he lies to her face that he has no intention of getting to know Vakoo.

Layla takes Phoebe H and Vakoo for a chat telling them to stay away from her man, Callum.

The next day there’s a tense atmosphere in the villa, in particular when Phoebe H tells Mitch that he was flirting with her.

It’s about to get worse as a challenge is called – Guess Who. In the challenge the Islanders are blindfolded, with Callum as a host.  He spins the wheel and the Islander it lands on has to pash the blindfolded Islander, then they have to guess who kissed them.

Callum stirs the pot throughout the entire game, ruffling feathers having Mitch kiss Phoebe H, as well as some other controversial choices when it’s supposed to be a random luck of the draw.

After the challenge the girls are furious at him, with Maddy questioning him.  Callum defends his actions by saying it’s just a challenge, but the girls don’t buy it.  One girl who is sympathetic with him is Layla. Despite the girls telling her he is a red flag, she defends him saying she is on his side which shocks the girls.


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