Burning Rice Is Dipper’s Vice

Burning Rice Is Dipper’s Vice

A Rollercoaster Day Of Cheeky Challenges And Tasty Treats was ahead for the campmates tonight.

Coated in protective layers of insect repellent, Colin and Alli dove deep into the Land Down Under trial, which saw them competing in opposing tunnels that were overrun with critters. It was another valiant effort, with 13 stars eventuating into a delicious McDonald’s drool-fest.

The tasty dinner could not have arrived on a better day, as a tense rice fiasco had unfolded just hours prior when Dipper burnt the lunch in Colin’s absence. The unsalvageable meal turned Grant from Mr Nice Guy to Mr Rice Guy in seconds!

Toni was sent on her own little mission, which required her to bring a series of headlines to life. Laughter turned to tears when Toni burnt Abbie’s sock after publicly accusing her of being a messy camp mate. All was resolved once Toni’s wicked master plan was revealed and the celebrities were rewarded with popcorn, butter and salt for their head spin of an afternoon.

This Sunday marks the beginning of the daily eliminations, but before the dreaded farewell, which celebrity will have to  overcome their phobia of closed spaces and snakes?