Burgers and bombshells on Big Brother

Burgers and bombshells on Big Brother

Tonight on Big Brother, the top seven housemates were treated to a delightful diner dinner before they received their just desserts.

Although the evening began with burgers, fries and milkshakes, the dessert menu featured a brutal surprise: a selection of videos exposing house secrets.

When one video exposed Tim and Johnson’s top 10 deal, it proved to be the final straw for the OGs, forcing Estelle into an alliance with Taras.

During a twisted nominations challenge that tested the housemates’ physical and mental endurance, Taras held on for the win and went back on his word, nominating Estelle along with the remaining two Big Brother royalty: Tim and Reggie.   

With the newbies promising to protect Reggie, Estelle’s fate was sealed and the majority voted for her to leave during the eviction ceremony.   

But Big Brother dropped another bombshell, announcing a double eviction as the house suffered its most heart-breaking loss: Reggie.

Of course, all is never as it seems, and Reggie and Estelle were soon reunited in Big Brother’s Secret Arcade unknown to the rest of the house.


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