Bump Season 4 Review

Bump Season 4 Review

This week, Stan releases a new season of its much-loved original Bump.

When we left at the end of season 3, Oly (Nathalie Morris) and Santi (Carlos Sanson Jr) faced every parent’s worst nightmare when Jacinda (Ava Cannon) snuck out and went missing. It’s a moment that forced them back together. Meanwhile Vince (Ioane Sa’ula) and Reema (Safia Arain) hope for a future, especially after Vince helped Ariel (Matilda Ridgeway) and Talia (Henrietta Amevor) have a baby.

When we return in season 4, two years have passed and there’s been a lot of change. Oly and Santi are back together, having finally stabilised their small family unit with their challenging 7-year-old Jacinda. But the perennial battle between Oly’s big ambitions and her family obligations come to forefront with Oly working for young Mayor Shauna Johnson (Steph Tisdell) and her deputy Marcus Evans (Dylan Alcott).

Meanwhile Stani struggles as he juggles being a graphic designer and being a stay at home dad. And Angie (Claudia Karven) has moved into a protest camp, focusing on environmental activism to escape her personal problems, which causes issues for Rosa (Paula Garcia), whose business venture isn’t exactly environmentally sound.

Elsewhere, Vince seems to have found the groove to co-parenting with Talia and Ariel in raising toddler Malik, but his relationship with Reema now has to survive the return of long-distance dad Hazem from the UK. Thrown into her orbit is young police detective-in-training Rakim (Arlo Green), who might just be Reema’s perfect match.

And happily re-living his share-house years is Dom (Angus Sampson), with his best mate Tim (Ryan Johnson) when he returns from Canada.

Creator Kelsey Munro and the team continue to delight and surprise with plot twist galore in the first half of the season, provided for this review.

Fresh daces add interesting dynamics to an already established cast who all continue to give top performances.

Life may throw curveballs and bumps along the way, but lets hope Bump continues for a while yet.

5 Stars

Stream Bump Boxing Day on Stan.


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