Building An Oasis Without Any Wonderwalls.

His creation may have been a love letter to his wife, but Maker Dan failed to read the writing on the wall in tonight’s episode of Making It Australia. His heart-shaped garden sculpture lacked the finesse of his fellow crafters, and he became the latest Maker to leave the competition.

Tonight, our Makers headed out of the Barn and into the great outdoors for their first ever Mega Craft Challenge, tasked with creating their very own Backyard Oasis.

Makers Rehana, Rizaldy and Will were inspired by their loved ones to build sanctuaries that played homage to their family homes. It was an especially touching moment for Animator Rizaldy, who dedicated his build to his mother, who he revealed doesn’t have her own home.

On the flipside, it was the outdoors that inspired Makers Andrew, George and Denise, whose happy place builds were set under the stars. Tapping into his farm-life, scrap metal sculptor Andrew built a vertical garden with its very own firepit made from repurposed tractor parts. Sculptor Denise, revealed her love of bathing (no less than two a day!) and decided to pamper herself with her very own outdoor bath retreat. While Prop Maker George, looked to the heavens for inspiration, building an interplanetary garden, with its very own moon-shaped swing, perfect for stargazing.

The winning space was created by Architect Jack who created A Space Odyssey-inspired outdoor movie theatre, paying homage to his love of movies. Complete with curved bench seating, LED lighting, upholstered columns and a retractable projector screen, Jack’s ingenious idea won over the judges, who awarded him the first Mega Craft challenge winner and his second patch.

Plumber Dan reconnected to his love of gardening for his build, revealing his home garden had been neglected since he was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease last year. Also paying homage to his first love, his wife, Dan constructed a heart-shaped sculpture surrounded by an arch representing two people hugging. While the judges loved the sentiment behind the space, Dan’s build failed to utilise enough greenery and lacked a clear focal point which ultimately sent him home.


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