Brynne Edelsten Opens up to Studio 10

This morning Studio 10 aired an exclusive interview with socialite Bryne  Edelsten.

In her first interview since her divorce, Brynne revealed her marriage to the Melbourne doctor had been a lonely one, that further dissolved with accusations of infidelity.

Despite difficult divorce proceedings, the newly single Brynne has learnt a lot from the experience and is looking forward to a future love. “I think I just fell in love with the wrong person. I think I’m more guarded than I was, I’m not as naïve as I was, I definitely put more thought into things, but no, I’m not going to let Geoff ruin love for me,” Brynne told Studio 10’s Entertainment Reporter Craig Bennett.

 On the news that Geoffrey Edelsten and new wife Gabi Grecko are now expecting their first child, Brynne is distant but gracious. “It’s not really my business, but like I said, a baby’s always a blessing, so I just wish them well and a healthy baby.” she said.

After seeing  the interview I’m now wondering if Studio 10 could use her as a guest panellist. She certainly surprised me with her honesty  and mature she was.

Studio 10 airs 8:30 am Weekdays on Ten