Brooke returns to The Bachelor

Brooke returns to The Bachelor

A return certinally throw The Bachelor mansion into chaos.

Arriving at a water park, Osher announced that the remaining six ladies were competing in the Bachelor Love triathlon. Jay dominated the obstacle course, but when she was awarded a five second advantage, she gave away the crucial head start to Ash.

Jay’s tactics continued to confuse everyone as she appeared more interested in helping Ash than receiving the extra time with Jimmy. Jay explained on camera that she was trying to be a good friend as she knew Ash needed the time with Jimmy. The others didn’t see it that way and were starting to wonder if the rumours about Jay wanting to be runner up, were true.

The plan worked and Ash scored one-on-one time with Jimmy. The two were happy to reconnect once again, and kisses and roses ensued.

A new day saw Carlie on her second single date and in perfect Bachie synergy, it was her birthday! Getting up close and personal as they drew temporary tattoos on each other, they could both feel the chemistry.

At the Cocktail Party, Jimmy and Brooke were reunited. Jimmy surprised Brooke with a rose, but before she would accept, she asked for a kiss. The thing about red lipstick though, you always leave evidence behind, which Laura quickly pointed out.

Heading back to the ladies, Brooke said her chat with Jimmy was flirty and sexy. She went on detailing how supportive Jimmy had been with calls and texts while she was away, saying she felt like they were in a relationship.

As expected, the ladies were feeling a little (understatement) jealous. Taking it one step further, Brooke also revealed that when giving her the rose, Jimmy invited her on the last single date. Lily couldn’t handle the thought of not getting more time and walked off in tears.

At the rose ceremony with Brooke, Carlie and Ash already in possession of a rose, it was Laura who was sadly left without a rose.


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