Brooke kicks off her Bachelorette Journey

Brooke kicks off her Bachelorette Journey

On tonight’s highly-anticipated and history-making premiere of The Bachelorette Australia, Brooke Blurton met eight Bachelors and eight Bachelorettes

First out of the limo was marketing manager Holly. As a dancer, Holly explained that she slow-danced as a way to calm her nerves and she invited Brooke to join her. The two swayed together and Brooke felt instant comfort with Holly during their romantic moment.

A sound in the distance notified Brooke that her next suitor was nearby, and indeed landscaper Darvid pulled up to the mansion on a lawnmower. He explained he had a landscaping business and the pair embraced his Persian culture with the cups of tea he had brought along with him.

Photographer Beau confidently entered next, springing an impromptu photoshoot on Brooke. He was hoping to create a playful energy, but it fizzled when he joked about having a private stash of pictures of her.

Psychologist Carrissa brought along a rainbow turtle painting for Brooke. She shared that she had lost both her parents a few years ago, and during her mother’s funeral a rainbow appeared and has appeared frequently since. When Carissa saw Brooke’s photo, she felt instantly drawn to her.

Carpenter Konrad arrived on the red carpet decked out in his high-vis tradie gear. Though he looked like a tough manly-man, Konrad admitted he’s a hopeless romantic and wants to fall in love. He brought along some wood to build a loveseat with Brooke, so they could have something to share on their journey together.

After forming a close connection with Brooke on the Honey Badger’s season of The Bachelor Australia, Jamie-Lee returned, determined to win Brooke’s heart. Bringing along a letter that she had written Brooke the night she left the mansion, Jamie-Lee read it to her, and Brooke became emotional as she reminisced on their memories.

At the cocktail party, Konrad planned to take Brooke to the loveseat they had built together and made it clear to everyone else that he wanted to share that special moment with her. Tensions mounted when Software sales executive Jess whisked Brooke away to sit at the seat first.  

Jaime-Lee’s arrival threw a spanner in the works, with many suitors convinced she would receive the coveted white rose. To everyone’s shock and delight, Brooke asked Darvid to accept the rose.

Sadly, with only 16 roses up for grabs, Johann was sent home.


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