Brooke Chooses Her Final Two.

Brooke Chooses Her Final Two.

On tonight’s penultimate episode of The Bachelorette Australia, Brooke went on three special dates with final suitors Darvid, Holly and Jamie-Lee,

‘Persian Prince’ Darvid was up first, surprising Brooke with a romantic kayak ride down the Glenworth Valley River. After riding quad bikes through the forest, the pair sat down to discuss the logistics of how their relationship would work in different cities.  

Next up was Jamie-Lee, who arranged a romantic hike for her special date with Brooke. Later, as the ladies cosied up around a campfire, Jamie-Lee finally admitted to Brooke that she was in love with her.

Last up was Holly, who surprised Brooke with a beautiful private show at the Sydney Dance Company. Later, the pair sat down to discuss the roadblocks which arose at hometowns.

After a heated conversation around non-negotiables involving children and moving cities, both Holly and Brooke broke down as they realised their relationship couldn’t progress any further.

Tomorrow, in an epic season finale of The Bachelorette Australia, Brooke will pledge her love to either Darvid or Jamie-Lee.


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