Broken Girl Code leads to Chaos

Broken Girl Code leads to Chaos

In tonight’s episode of The Bachelor Australia, the girl code was laid out plain and simple but Jay failed to decipher it in time sending the mansion in to chaos.

In case you have been hiding under a jumbo jet, Jimmy likes fast things with big motors. Jimmy picked up our resident tiny dancer Ash, cue the speedboat, for their single date. The pair headed to a secluded beach where they spent the day playing frisbee in the water and Ash pulling out her best moves for a one-on-one dance lesson for Jimmy. He then surprised Ash with a rose and a kiss.

At the group date, the Bachelorettes were tasked with creating their own superheroes. Carlie created the character Toxic Positivity, a hero who kills with kindness and compliments. This impressed Jimmy who rewarded her with alone time, where they sealed the date with a rose and a kiss.

Later at the cocktail party, a Bachelorette’s agreement was coined. Tonight, they would leave Jimmy to make the approach and no lady would awkwardly whisper everyone’s favourite cocktail party catch phrase “Sorry Jimmy, can I steal you away?”. 

Eager to see who he picked first, Jimmy made a beeline for Lily, while Jay’s Business Lounge key was burning a hole in her dress. Will she or won’t she break the girl code? Spoiler alert, she totally breaks the code. Jay interrupts Lily’s chat with Jimmy to invite him to the Business Lounge, triggering chaos. The girls were divided on Jay using the key, with some believing it was out of line however Holly felt that if you’ve got it, use it!.

Away from all the drama blowing up outside, Jay planned a game of Strip Taste Testing. If he guessed the food incorrectly, clothes came off! With a blindfolded and topless Bachelor standing in front of her, Jay finished the game with a kiss. Talk about perks!

Sadly it was Chanel and Maddison who won’t be clocking up any more Frequent Flyer points on Bachelor Airways.  


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