Brock Trailer released

Brock Trailer released

Peter Brock was one of the greatest sporting heroes Australia has ever known. A maverick, a larrikin and the “King of the Mountain”, his name was synonymous with Australian motor racing until a car crash saw his life brought to an early end.

Ten years after his death, TEN will screen Brock, the story of the man behind the legend.

Over two big nights, Brock will follow the life of the Australian icon. From his early racing days to his tragic death in Perth, this special television event traces the soaring highs and brutal lows of one of the country’s most remarkable sportsmen.

Featuring Matt Le Nevez as Peter Brock, Brock comprises an all-star cast that includes Brendan Cowell as Peter’s adversary Allan Moffat, Ella Scott Lynch as Bev Brock, Natalie Bassingthwaighte as Julie Bamford, Steve Bisley as Harry Firth, Axle Whitehead as Colin Bond and Martin Sacks as Peter’s father Geoff Brock.

Brock not only celebrates the successes Peter had on the track, but also looks at the front-page love affairs and the times when “Peter Perfect” stumbled: the crashes, the shattered friendships and the all-or-nothing gamble on the infamous Energy Polariser, which nearly destroyed his career at Holden.

Brock is expected to screen in October on Ten