Bridie bows out

Bridie bows out

Tonight on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars, the first group of dancers returned to the dancefloor with power-packed performances and plenty of perfect scores.

Grant Denyer and Kylie Gillies’ highly emotional Viennese waltzes both left the judges teary-eyed and scored a perfect 40 each.

Ricki-Lee turned up the heat with her sultry jazz routine and managed to escape unscathed after an offhanded comment from her dance partner caught Helen Richey offside.

Kris Smith unleashed the devil inside with a deadly paso doble; Anthony Koutoufides fired up the dancefloor with his jazz and Bridie Carter was a class act dancing the samba.

In a shocking turn of events the audience defied the judges’ verdict, and despite scoring a 36, Bridie was pitted against bottom-of-the-rank Kouta in the first sudden death dance-off.

Unfortunately, Bridie bid adieu to the dancefloor as the rest of the celebrities moved through to the semi-final.

The final scores of the night were:

Grant Denyer and Lily Cornish – 40

Kylie Gillies and Aric Yegudkin – 40

Bridie Carter and Craig Monley – 36

Ricki-Lee and Jarryd Byrne – 34

Kris Smith and Siobhan Power – 29

Anthony Koutoufides and Jessica Raffa – 28


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