Briana Burns Bridges.   

<strong>Briana Burns Bridges.   </strong>

A big night of Survivor saw another surprising tribal.

Earlier in the day, Red tribe walked into today’s Reward Challenge with their heart in their throat as they caught their first glimpse of which loved one had been eliminated last night. Kate quickly realised that her older brother Andy had been sent home from Tribal Council, which left her feeling vulnerable as a solo player in the game.

To win fishing gear and comfort items, castaways faced off in a cage battle to grab their tribe flag without being tackled back into the water by their opponents.

Blue stole the win again, but generously shared the comfort items with their loved ones on the Red tribe. Blue tribe were excited to return to camp with another win under their belt, but it wasn’t enough for Briana, who boldly dug through the reward box to try and find an advantage, which raised eyebrows among the tribe. 

At the Immunity Challenge, the tribes worked together to drag barrels over hurdles and obstacles to knock out targets. It was a close call, but triathlete Jesse was a force to be reckoned with, stealing the win for Red with his target precision.

Back at camp, Briana and Shay took off idol hunting, but it was Shay who discovered the idol again. This didn’t concern Briana, as she was confident that Shay would play her idol to save her, and instead send home her arch-enemy, Chrissy.

Briana’s intensity at camp translated through to Tribal Council, where she boasted how instrumental she had been in helping Shay claim her idols. Once it was time to vote, and Shay didn’t play her idol for Briana, she soon realised her ally in the game was no longer playing in line with her.

Briana explained: “I actually saw that coming. I whispered to Shay, they’re going to play all the votes on me, hoping she’d play the idol. I’m a pretty assertive person and I think I was just a little too guns blazing. Watch out for King Khanh, he’s definitely running the show.”

Briana leaves behind her father David to fight for the title of Sole Survivor.


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