Brian Breaks Free From Champion Alliance.

The fate of the Champions alliance hangs in the balance after a big Survivor episode last night.

The Immunity Challenge saw the remaining seven contestants using one leg only to balance an idol on a see-saw. In a deceptively difficult test of balance and endurance, Shonee was able to keep her composure long enough to win Immunity and secure herself safety at the next Tribal Council.

In a twist no one saw coming, the castaways were shocked to learn that no one would be sent home at Tribal Council, but rather the person with the most votes would become a Dead Man Walking, losing their ability to vote at the next two Tribal Councils.

The Champions alliance saw the next Tribal Council as their best chance of wreaking havoc on Shonee and Fenella’s unbreakable bond. Coined “Shonella” by Sharn, their tight-knit relationship was becoming too big a threat. With Shonee shielded by her Immunity idol, Sharn, Shane and Steve turned their attention to Fenella and lobbied Monika to join them.

With the fate of the game hanging in the balance of Monika, both alliances were acutely aware that the former Miss Universe Australia was the swing vote they desperately needed.

Overwhelmed by the pressure-filled situation, Monika broke down to Shane, revealing that the burden of the game was becoming too much for her.

Wanting to strike while the iron was hot, Brian and his alliance agreed on ousting Steve and neutralising the threat he posed. With both his physical strength and strong position within the Champions alliance, banishing Steve to the position of Dead Man Walking would ensure Brian’s newly formed coalition with “Shonella” would retain the majority vote.

At a high-stakes Tribal council, Sharn tirelessly tried to sway the entire tribe to make a bold move, echoing that tonight’s vote was an opportunity to neutralise powerful players.

Conversation soon turned to the inseparable duo, Shoni and Fenella, and to whether tonight would be the time to drive a wedge between them. With many acknowledging their powercouple status, Fenella tried to counteract this by saying she was in a very vulnerable position.

In a tight vote, Monika stayed true to her new alliance with Brian and Steve was marked Dead Man Walking. Unable to cast a vote at the next two tribal councils, tonight’s vote has put powerhouse Steve in a vulnerable position and knocked a strong blow to his place in the game.

With much of his authority now eliminated, will Steve find a way to come back fighting and remain in the running for the title of Sole Survivor?