Brews Brothers Review

Brews Brothers Review
Brews Brothers

On Friday, Netflix releases their new original comedy series Brew Brothers.

In Brew Brothers we are thrown into the world of beer making at Rodman’s Brewery, owned by Wilhelm Rodman (Alan Aisenberg), who runs the brewery with staff members Sarah (Carmen Flood) and Chuy (Marques Ray). Wilhelm gets a visit from his brother Adam (Mike Castle), who haven’t spoken to each other for a while.

Each is a beer genius – braumeister – but they couldn’t be more different in their beer making techniques and personalities. Usually, these differences would show how they complete each other, but that’s not the case with Wilhelm and Adam. Wilhelm takes a fun, laid back approach to the process, while Adam is a tad more serious. Upon Adam’s arrival, they find themselves running the brewery together, but will they be able to actually work together?

Elsewhere, Sarah is hiding a few secrets of her own, but will she be able to pull the team together, especially Chuy who is always finding himself distracted?

Throughout the 8-episode season, the brothers have to handle everything from distributors, bikie gangs, and a tour bus, as well as a beer tasting competition, just to name a few.

Penned by Greg Schaffer, Brews Brothers is a fun comedy that’s not just about beer, but the complex nature of brotherly love. It has quite a nice balance between character development and comedy.

The chemistry between Aisenberg and Castle is what really makes the show – both play their characters with such delight throughout the hijinks and it really resonates onscreen.

Brews Borthers isn’t, at first glance, anything new in the comedy space, but it was a fun way to survive isolation with intriguing characters and some fun situations.

Pour yourself a glass of Rodman’s finest and destress with this quick-binge series.


3.5. Stars


Brew Brothers drops on Netflix Friday, April 10.