Bread ends a Masterchef dream

Bread ends a Masterchef dream

After an epic challenge set by the master of Italian gastronomy, Massimo Bottura Masterchef has bid farewell to another cook.

Melissa introduced the contestants to Massimo, who was joining them from his home in Modena, Italy. Andy explained that the elimination challenge would take place over two rounds. If the contestants found themselves in the bottom four in round one, they would have to cook again. 

After cooking his own style of mac and cheese, Massimo told the group that he wanted to see their version and Jock announced they would have 60 minutes on the clock. Therese, Aaron and Linda were deemed safe and Tom, Pete, Dan and Katrina were left to battle it out.

Massimo told the contestants that round two was all about bread, bread and more bread. To show them what he meant, he whipped up breadcrumb noodles alongside a tasty chicken broth. 

Tom cooked textures of spiced bread with ginger ice cream and Jock said it hit the brief by using so much bread. The judges could taste the brioche of Pete’s salted caramel bread pudding and Jock said Dan’s bread and tea smoked duck in broth was a case of an ugly but delicious plate of food.

While Katrina’s bread and butter pudding with an orange twist tasted beautifully like orange, the judges decided that the bread wasn’t featured enough. With three strong dishes to compete against, Katrina’s inability to bring out enough bread flavour saw her announced as the third contestant eliminated from the MasterChef kitchen.


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