Bones Resumes on Sunday

Bones Resumes on Sunday

There’s new cases to solve for fans of of Bones from this weekend.

The series returns with a double episode which includes a guest appearance by Cindi Lamper. The series picks up from episode 11 of series 10 which aired in March in the US.

The Psychic in the Soup.”/ The Teacher in the Books

The Jeffersonian team, with the help of Angela’s psychic friend, Avalon Harmonia, is drawn into the twisted world of fortune tellers when the body of a local psychic is found decomposing in the trunk of a tree. However, when the team learns more about the victim’s personal life, those closest to her become suspects. Meanwhile, Booth and Brennan debate the pros and cons of Christine’s new imaginary friend and the team remembers Sweets on his birthday.

9:15 PM Sunday on Seven