Bondi Vet Returns

Bondi Vet Returns


Bondi vet Kicks off its 5th season tomorrow night heres  a look at whats instore

Bucky dolphin

Chris heads to Coffs Harbor to Dolphin Marine Magic, where one of the greatest friendships between

man and animal exists. Bucky the dolphin was rescued when he was just a baby by best buddy and head trainer, Greg. Over 40 years on and the friendship is facing its toughest challenge. Some suspicious looking lumps have appeared in Bucky’s mouth and Greg is concerned it may be cancer. Can Chris find a way to save this enduring friendship?

Devil Baby

Chris knows a visit from the Australian Reptile Park Operations Manager, Tim Faulkner is never a straight forward case. This time, it’s a baby Tasmanian devil who has injured his leg.

But the feisty Lewis isn’t going to make Chris’s job easy. Can our Bondi Vet survive his encounter with this angry little devil?


Six-month- old german shepherd Gypsy hasn’t been able to keep any food down for weeks and is losing

weight rapidly. Getting to the bottom of the problem is proving impossible as the petrified patient

refuses to let anybody examine her. Lisa is seriously concerned about what has happened to this

young pup. Will it be a happy ending for Gypsy



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