Bondi Vet Returns to Saturdays on Ten

Bondi Vet will return to Ten for it’s sixth season this weekend.

The return episode will focus on recent bush fires that have gripped Australia.

Dr Chris Brown and Dr Lisa Chimes head out to the burnt regions of the Blue Mountains the day after some of the most intense bushfires on record to help pets and wildlife caught in the fire zone. The mass evacuations of farms and properties have left animals injured, stranded or in distress.

The last thing Chris expected was to be treating a baby alpaca named Jersey whose mother went into premature labour, brought on by the stressful evacuation of the herd from their fire threatened property.

Dr Lisa Chimes comes to the aid of a local vet, overwhelmed by the influx of injured native animals. She picks up and cares for a badly burnt possum that was caught in the brunt of the fires.

Nearby at the Australian Reptile Park, Tim Faulkner goes swimming with Elvis, a five metre crocodile who is sporting a sore toe. A hurt croc is an angry croc and for the safety of the park team Tim will need to work out how to treat this snap happy chap before infection spreads.

7.30PM Saturday  on Ten.